Revolution Detailing

Bespoke car detailing based in Bristol. Specialising in paint correction and paint protection services, designed to meet the needs of the most discerning customers.
Car care of the highest standard. Using our extensive knowledge and the very best products, to bring a superior finish to your vehicle.

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Revolution Detailing

Gtechniq Authorised Detailer, providing the full range of Gtechniq Treatments.
Scratch resistant, ultra durable, quartz composite lacquer paint protection.
Professionally applied from just £249.
Gtechniq 5 Year Guarantee.

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3M Ventureshield

Revolution Detailing

Authorised installer of 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film. Protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle from damage caused by stone chips, scratches and minor abrasions. Paint Protection Film installation services based in Bristol serving the South West and South Wales

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New Car Protection Detail

Our New Car Preparation detail is designed to ensure that your new car reaches you in perfect condition and fully protected inside and out.

If required, we can carry out this detail at the dealership. There is no need to have the dealerships valeter’s touch the car. We will remove all protection film and transport wax.

Your vehicle’s wheels and paintwork will then be completely cleaned. The paintwork will then be deep cleansed and decontaminated, before being hand polished and sealed with either a high quality carnauba wax or sealant for long lasting protection. The interior will also be deep cleaned, with any leather also being conditioned/protected.

  • All protection film and transit material is carefully removed.
  • The vehicle is then rinsed, before applying a specifically designed degreaser to safely and effectively remove any transport wax.
  • Engine bay cleaned, dried and dressed.
  • Wheels fully cleaned with a safe wheel cleaner for your wheel type.
  • Wheel arches cleaned and protected.
  • Multi stage safe wash process using the two bucket method.
  • Two stage paintwork decontamination.
  • Clay bar treatment to remove any last traces of bonded contaminants.
  • Hand dried using ultra soft drying towels and a warm air dryer.
  • Single stage machine polish with a finishing polish.
  • High quality carnauba wax or sealant applied to paintwork.
  • Chrome and stainless steel cleaned and polished.
  • Wheels waxed or sealed.
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed.
  • Door seals and rubbers treated.
  • Interior cleaned, vacuumed and leather protected.
  • Windows cleaned/polished inside and out.
  • Exhausts polished.

This process typically takes around 1 day (depending on the size of the vehicle being treated).

Large estate cars and 4×4 vehicles may need an additional half day to complete the process.

The importance of remote control power wheels are also one of the huge markets in our industry as it can help the kid realize since an early age that driving a car could be very important so finding power wheels with remote could be a challenge if you have any concerns please let us know.

Price Guide
  • From £350