Frequently Asked Questions



Why not use the local hand car wash?

These are quite often the worst enemy when it comes to looking after your car. Using dirty sponges, drying blades and improper use of chemicals can cause long lasting damage to your car’s appearance. They are set up for volume and a fast turnaround. Using extremely harsh chemicals to clean quickly, rather than carefully, damaging the finish of your car. Staff will rarely have had any training, which means poor product knowledge and poor washing techniques. To ensure a fast turnaround, numerous staff will work on the same vehicle, which ultimately leads to poor quality control.

Why not use an automatic car wash or garage jet wash?

Automatic car washes use huge high speed rollers and strong chemical cleaners. The high speed brushes will inflict swirl marks and fine scratches on the paint work as they brush the car.
The garage jet wash is probably the worst thing you can wash your car with. The brush will at some point have been left on the floor picking up grit and gravel which is then rubbed all over the paint work inflicting swirls and scratches.

What is the safest way to wash my car?

The safest way to wash your car is with a pressure washer and the two bucket method. A pressure washer is great for washing away dirt and debris and thoroughly rinsing the car. The two bucket method works by having a ‘Wash’ bucket with shampoo and clean water and a ‘Rinse’ bucket with clean water. The ‘Rinse’ bucket is to rinse your wash mitt before putting it back into the bucket of soapy water. This way will keep grit and dirt out of your bucket of shampoo and water, preventing damage to the paintwork. Once you have rinsed your vehicle thoroughly to remove loose dirt and debris, wash it carefully using a ‘Wash Mitt’ and the two bucket method. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle with clean water after washing and dry with soft, absorbent drying towels.



What products to you use?

We only use recognised cleaning products, such as Autoglym, Meguiars, Zymol, 3M, Dodo Juice, Autosmart, Werkstät, Zaino, 303 and Swissvax. All of which have been thoroughly tested before use on customer’s cars. We have no affiliations with any manufacturers so only use the best products. Nearly every product used is PH neutral and biodegradable so it can be used safely without damaging the environment. Only in extreme cases and only when safe to do so, we may use slightly stronger products.

What is snow foam?

Snow foam is a thick foam that will cling to all surfaces. The advantage of foam is that it can be applied to the vehicle and left to dwell to encapsulated dirt and grime. It will also soften any stubborn dirt, meaning less contact is needed making for a safer wash process.

Can you give advice and supply the products to look after my car?

After we have detailed your car we can help you to keep it looking its best with expert guidance and advice. We can even provide you with the right products to maintain the finish of your car.



What are swirl marks?

Swirl marks are fine scratches inflicted either by poor washing and drying techniques, most commonly caused by sponges and drying blades.

What are random deep scratches (RDS)

Random Deep Scratches (RDS) are deeper scratches into the paintwork, typically inflicted by grit and dirt being dragged along the paint.
The severity of RDS varies, some aren’t very deep and will polish out easily. Where others can be very deep, sometimes going through the lacquer/clear coat.

What is machine polishing?

Using a combination of polishing compounds and polishing pads with a variable speed rotary polisher to remove swirl marks, light scratches, oxidisation and etching marks from bird droppings. This is the most time consuming part of detailing, due to the time needed to fully work the polishes so that the abrasives breakdown correctly removing the paint defects. Once the defects have been removed a finishing polished is used to leave a flawless finish.
Paint thickness readings are taken before and throughout the machine polishing process to ensure that the paint thickness always are within safe levels.



What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit cards. An invoice will be provided if required.

Why is a detailing studio so important?

Our aim is always the same; to detail your car to the highest possible standard. In order to do this, we need to perform our work under controlled perfect conditions. Having a clean, well lit environment is essential, but we have also installed daylight balanced LED lighting, plus colour matched high performance specialist lighting.

We also have the latest police monitored intruder security system and fire monitoring system in place. All vehicles in our car are fully insured under or own insurance policy, giving you total peace of mind whilst your pride and joy is with Revolution Detailing Ltd.

I want to sell my car, can you prepare it for me?

Yes we can. We can provide a tailored package to suit your needs and requirements. We will advise you of any work or repairs which may be needed before sale. We can also take all of the photographs you will need and even help write the advert for you and advise on the best places to advertise the sale of your vehicle.