Ferrari 250 GTO 62

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Tour Return

The Legendary 1962 ‘Stirling Moss’ Ferrari 250 GTO, 50th Anniversary Tour Return.

A total of 23 Ferrari 250 GTO’s started their engines on the legendary Reims-Gueux race track before arriving at the Abbey of Hautvilliers. The Tour also visited the race track of Monthléry and discovered the castles of Villlandry and Chambord at the Loire before heading to the Le Mans Classic were the cars took part in parade laps throughout the weekend.

On its return from the 50th Anniversary Tour, Simon and I returned to clean the car again ready for it to go back into storage.

The car had been washed on the Tour and was looking good. But looking at the arches and the underneath of the car, it was obvious some of the roads had been wet. There was also quite a large amount of grit and stones collected in the front and rear wheel air vents, along with a few spots of tar and tyre rubber in places.

First the the car was raised up onto axle stands for the wheels to be removed.

Looking into the vents you can see the amount of stones and grit collected.

A better look at the arches with the wheels removed.

The engine bay would also need cleaning.

The arches, brakes and chassis were thoroughly cleaned and dried.

The engine and engine bay were also carefully cleaned while the wheels were off for better access.

The headlight covers and bonnet scoops were again removed for access.

The car was then carefully washed with Gtechniq G-wash, before being dried.

The wheels were carefully cleaned and refitted.

Headlight covers and air scoops cleaned and refitted.

Gtechniq Exo still beading nicely

A few finished shots…

Finally the interior was vacuumed, dusted and wiped down. Before being put back into the workshop, as it had just started to rain.

We would be seeing the GTO at its next outing in a few months time at the Goodwood Revival.

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