Bentley GT V8 96

Bentley Continental GT V8 New Car Detail

Bentley Continental GT V8 New Car Detail.

This car was booked in after detailing the customer’s Porsche 997 Turbo which had a Gtechniq Silver+ detail with the full extras package.
Unfortunately the dealership didn’t have room for me to detail the car there. They had also told the customer that they had to wash the car as they couldn’t allow a dirty car to leave the showroom and assured the customer it would be carefully washed!

On arrival the car was parked in the sunshine which was perfect to see how it was looking fresh from the dealership. The roads had been wet so the car was a bit dirty, but looking closely the damage was obvious. The first thing I noticed was the hologram’s. I suspect poor factory finishing was the issue here. The car had also picked up some swirl marks and a few random deeper scratches from poor washing.

Looking over the car there was also quite a lot of polish residue and a couple of small, but deep scratches on the bonnet. A few photos were taken to try and capture the defects before moving on to a proper safe wash!

A good thorough rinse to remove as much dust and loose dirt as possible.
Wheels cleaned with diluted Maxolen Wheel Cleaner using a Swissvax wheel brush, Wheel Woolies and a lambswool mitt. The wheels were then cleaned with Maxolen Tar Remover and Iron X to remove any bonded contaminants. The tyres and arches were cleaned with an APC.

The car was then snow foamed with Maxolen Active foam to soften and remove as much dirt as possible. While the snow foam was left to dwell, the usual areas such as badges, lights, window rubbers etc where cleaned with a detailing brush. The car was then rinsed again.

The car was then washed using the two bucket method, a new Gtechniq Merino Wool mitt and Gtechniq G-Wash. After another rinse, it was onto the decontamination stages.

Any tar spots or remains of any transport wax were removed using Maxolen Tar remover. I had also noticed a few spots of glue residue which was probably from the protective film covering the car during transit.

The car was rinsed again, before being treated with Iron X to remove any fallout. These two stages had done their job as there wasn’t anything being picked with the clay bar. The car was then finally rinsed, before being carefully dried with a new Mirofibre Madness drying towel and the Metro Vac Air Dryer. Here a few are a few examples of the amount of polish residue missed by the dealership.

With the car now clean and dry, the car was moved inside and I started to inspect the paintwork. You could immediately see the damage inflicted by the dealerships poor valeting and there some also some deeper scratches that would need attention.

The paintwork was assessed and thickness was measured around the car. The car was then machine polished to remove defects. The deeper random scratches need a few sets to fully remove the marks. Here are some examples of the defects before and after correction.

After over 12 hours of polishing it was time to start refining. Using a Lake Country Crimson finishing pad and Menzerna SF4000
With the car now looking as it should it was given a full wipe down with 7010 to ensure all the panels were perfectly clean, ready for the application of the Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer. Throughout the correction process I had been checking the paintwork with different light sources, halogen lights, metal halides and the sun gun. The customer’s garage also has down lighters which also help in spotting defects.

Happy that the paintwork was fully corrected, C1 was applied to the paintwork, headlights and tail lights. With the heating on the C1 was left to cure overnight.
The following morning the wheels were wiped down with 7010 to ensure they were perfectly clean and Gtechniq C5 was applied to the whole wheel. The tyres were dressed with Gtechniq T1 Tyre and Trim.

The glass was then polished with Gtechniq C4 Glass polish and then wiped down with IPA ready for the Gtechniq G1 ClearVision to be applied. Three coats on the windscreen, two coats on the rear windscreen and one coat on the side windows. This was then removed and the windows were checked with the Sun Gun to make sure it had been fully removed. The wipers are also cleaned at the stage using IPA.

Next the interior and boot was vacuumed and dusted throughout. The mats were removed and cleaned with Maxolen Interior cleaner and left to dry. All of the leather seats, steering wheel, dash and door cards were cleaned with Swissvax Leather Cleaner and a Swissvax Leather Brush. The leather was then wiped down with a clean, damp microfiber before being protected with Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard.
One thing the customer had noticed on collection was the state of the high gloss piano black dashboard and trim. I think the protective film had left a sticky residue, and was also looking quite swirly. This was all cleaned and then hand polished.

All of the carpets and mats were protected with Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric, including the boot carpet. The glass was then cleaned and polished inside.
Two coats of Gtechniq Exo were then applied to the paintwork and lights, leaving an ultra slick high gloss finish. Finally the exhausts were polished with Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish and sealed with C1.

The car was finally inspected before being moved outside for some photos.

Interior. One of the most luxurious interiors, the back leather with the contrasting red stitching looks fantastic. Topped with probably the best Naim sound system!

Engine bay

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