BMW M3 V8 E92 22

BMW M3 V8 E92

BMW M3 V8 E92 – Gtechniq Bronze Detail

On arrival, not looking too bad. Just the obvious dirt from the wet, salty roads.

First, a good thorough rinse to remove as much loose dirt as possible. Starting with the engine bay, a low pressure rinse before a good clean with Bilt Hamber Surfex and various brushes. Thoroughly rinsed before drying with Metro Vac Air Dryer. Wheels, tyres and arches. Wheels cleaned with Maxolen Wheel Cleaner using various brushes and a lambswool mitt. The wheels were then cleaned with Iron X to remove and bonded contaminants. Tyres and arches cleaned with APC.

The car was then snow foamed with Maxolen Active foam to soften and remove as much dirt as possible. While the snow foam was left to dwell, the usual areas such as badges, lights, window rubbers etc where cleaned with Auto Finesse Citrus Power and a detailing brush. The car was then rinsed again.
The car was then washed using the two bucket method, a lambswool wash mitt and G-Wash.

After another rinse, it was onto the decontamination stages. Firstly all tar spots were removed using Maxolen Tar remover. With all the tar spots safely removed the car was rinsed again. Next it was time to tackle the fallout. Being white the fallout was easy to see as well as feel, but you could also no see quite a few tiny specks of red paint. Iron X was first applied to remove the fallout. After three applications there were still some stubborn areas of fallout especially on the rear of the car. The Iron X was thoroughly rinsed from the car, ready for the Maxolen fallout remover to be applied. This is a polish type fallout remover that can be applied quite liberally so that it doesn’t dry out and has a long working time. This was left for about 30 mins to ensure any last traces of fallout had been removed. The fallout remover was wiped off with a damp microfibre and the car finally rinsed. I then clayed the car to see if it would remove the red paint spots, which it didn’t. So I used a Festool Hi-Tech Carbide De Nibber to safely remove the paint spots.

The car was then dried using luxury drying towels and the Metro Vac Air Dryer ready to be hand polished with Gtechniq P1 to remove any staining and oxidisation.
The car was then fully wiped down with 7010 panel wipe to ensure a perfectly clean surface for the application of Gtechniq C1. All of the bodywork and wheel faces were coated with C1.

Next the interior was vacuumed and dusted throughout. All of the leather was cleaned and glass cleaned inside. Finally the exhausts were polished and sealed, and the tyres were dressed.

I returned the following day to apply two coats of Gtechniq Exo, before taking a few photos down on the Harbour side. Such a great backdrop and luckily the Matthew was moored in the background, just a shame the sun didn’t make an appearance.

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