Ducati 998R 76

Ducati 998R

Ducati 998R

The rare Ducati 998R was the last of the iconic 916 style Ducati. It was the first Ducati to use the new Testastretta engine, with a bigger bore, a shorter stroke and higher lift cams.

Öhlins front forks and an Öhlins rear shock, Brembo brake calipers, floating discs and light weight Marchesini wheels. The 998R also has all Carbon Fibre bodywork to further reduce weight.

This 998R is about 8 years old and used, not just a garage queen.

It was suffering with quite a lot of marks and scratches especially on the tank from the zip of the leather jacket and general contact from the leathers.

First up a quick inspection in the garage to see what was what. The usual bugs, blobs of tyre rubber and tar. Brake dust on the spokes and the back of the discs. No rear hugger on these so lots of tyre rubber, tar and chain lube. And lots of dirt traps…


The bike was then taken outside to be washed.

Armed with a selection of brushes and products. The wheels, tyres, calipers, forks, swingarm and frame were cleaned. All the bodywork washed with Gtechniq G-wash and the two bucket method.

Side fairings and belly pan then removed to carefully clean the engine and inside the panels.

This also makes drying much easier plus you can get rid of all the water trapped in the cooling fins of the radiator.

Wash Process

One old safety sticker, to get rid of. A bit of gentle heat and tar remover for the glue residue.

On to the swirls and scratches…

Once everything was cleaned all bodywork was then clayed. The bike was then dried and the engine, suspension, forks and swing arm protected with ACF-50.

Next I removed the screen and steering damper so that the top fairing and tank could be fully machine polished. Paint readings were taken and necessary parts were taped up.

At this stage the mirrors were left on as they mount the top fairing to the front subframe which would give support when machine polishing.

Once the front fairing was corrected, the mirrors and front fairing were removed to polish under the mirrors.

All panels and carbon fibre were machine polished with pads and Gtechniq P1. Gtechniq P2 on a finishing pad was used to refine. A good 90%+ of the defects were removed. A few deeper RDS were left, but it was safer to leave these as the bike is used and will eventually be done again in the years to come.

The air ducts were then restored and protected with C4. Before, 50/50 and after shots.

Wheels were then wiped down with IPA and protected with C5. Tyres cleaned and no tyre dressing applied.

Gtechniq C2 applied to the inside of the panels, and the bike was then put back together.

The bike was then thoroughly wiped down with diluted IPA.

Time for C1! All panels, carbon fibre, screen and exhaust tips were protected with C1.

And the end results!

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